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 Letter to International Cable Wakeboard Parks about having your own permanent page on our site:

 My name is Mark DeVelde creator of USCableWakeParks / WorldWideCableWakeParks.

  I created this website in 2012 After the first year of riding cable I was ready to visit other parks. Many of the parks at that time didn’t even have their own website and I wanted a little more information than what I could find on Google. It took so much time tracking down some of the parks that I decided to share what I found though a website.

 I spent the first 2 years building a website originally intended for the cable parks in the United States. We’ve had such a huge response I decided to add all the cable parks in the world. It’s pretty much evolving as I go but currently there are separate pages for the parks in the US.  This gives viewers of USCableWakeParks.com a chance to browse the parks and learn more about each park as we have listed address, phone #, list of obstacles & park features, proximity to major airports, videos, photos & more.

  In addition, we have included highly visible links to each park’s website & facebook page and separate links to the park’s hours, rates, & online waivers (when applicable). This is all on one page. It’s like an ongoing advertisement for the cable park that also includes local pros, some staff, local photographers & videographers. Our thinking is that as we promote the local riders & photographers along with this page, it will promote your park as well and ultimately lead to more hits on your website resulting in visits to your park.

 The average visitor to our website prefers to browse the park’s pages before leaving the site and views between 7 to 10 pages per visit. We have consistently received  a solid amount of page views per day (actual numbers and reports will be provided upon request).

 Our search engine optimization has proven quite successful. If you do a Google search for “cable parks”, “wake parks”, etc. uscablewakeparks.com comes up first listing on the first page.

 What I am proposing is this:

  1.) We will build a permanent separate page for your park on our website including all the details described above.

*here is an example of an international park’s page on our website we built for The Spin Cable Park in Belgium: http://uscablewakeparks.com/the_spin_cable_park.html.

 2.) We would also include your park in our “Featured Parks” program including banners on the following top landing pages:




*these are the top landing pages on our website. Banners will run on all 3 pages simultaneously and rotated on weekly increments throughout the year (minimum of 16 weeks). We will also give you the option to select which months of the year you would like to be featured (first come first serve basis).

*featured park banners have proven to increase the amount of hits on the separate pages for each park resulting in increased hits on their websites (we can track these outbound hits and send you reports).

 In order to be considered a “Participating Park” we are asking for a one-time fee of $100US (in advance). This will help us cover the cost of running the website and our time to build the page giving you final approval on information & appearance.  Each year we will message participating parks for updates at no extra cost (this page will be permanent as long as this site is up). This is a small price to pay for an ongoing advertisement for years to come. We will provide you with quarterly stats on your page to show that your investment has proven a wise decision.

 There are many more benefits such as promoting “Participating Parks” on social media and helping promote each parks major event. I will send you a questionnaire as an attachment if you should choose to have a page on our website. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you and getting to know all about your park and your riders!

For further correspondence please email us at uscablewakeparks@yahoo.com.

 Cheers! ~ Mark DeVelde

photo of Wake Island Watersports in Sacremento, California

Wake Island ~ USA

photo of Velocity Island Park in Sacremento, California

Velocity Island ~ USA

photo of The Spin Cable Park - Belgium

The Spin ~ Belgium