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Orlando Watersports Complex ~ local rider’s bios

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 The atmosphere at every park is definitely affected by the regular local riders. Part of the awesome experience at every park we’ve been to has been meeting & shredding with the locals. Below are some of the incredible shredders at Orlando Watersports Complex. Click on their photo to check out their facebook or instagram page.

photo of Trent Stuckey at owc

Trent Stuckey

photo of Gavin Stuckey at owc

Gavin Stuckey

photo of Kellan Rudnicki at owc

Kellan Rudnicki

photo of Mike Braaden at owc

Mike Braaden

photo of Jonathan Landa at owc

Jonathan Landa

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photo of Buckman Ferguson wakeboarding at owc

Buckman Ferguson

photo of Ulyana Potocki wakeboarding

Ulyana Potocki